Plant Environment Grower
The microbial blend works from the ground up improving the health of the soil and plant. Plant and forage benefits include:
  • Longer, denser root systems that pull water and nutrients from deeper within the ground
  • Healthier, hardier plants more resistant to environmental stresses like extreme temperatures and drought
  • Plants with greater nutrition
The all natural blend of native soil microbes benefit the plant and nourish the environment. It's organically-based, contains no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and is available in OMRI listed products. Using these products:
  • Reduce harmful nitrate leaching.
  • Reduces soil erosion and valuable nutrient runoff.
  • SumaGrow restores and maintains soil health and fertility.
  • Creates a hospitable environment for beneficial insects, earthworms, dung beetles, and microorganisms.
  • Increases soil organic matter and water holding capacity.
These products improve crop performance and lower input costs by creating a nutrient rich soil environment. High yielding, healthy crops are grown in nutrient dense, water rich soil.
  • Decreases input costs by reducing the amount of chemical fertilizer needed.
  • Improves water efficiency and moisture holding capacity for decreased watering needs.
  • Improves animal performance.
  • Increases the nutritional benefits of plants and forages.
  • Grows healthier, hardier plants more resistant to environmental stresses like transplant, extreme temperatures, and drought.
  • Improves soil fertility and tilth.
  • Increases the plant's absorption of fertilizer inputs
  • Helps balance soil pH thereby making nutrients more available to the plants.

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