• SG Burial Platform

    The Future for Your Cemetery Lowering Device

The Old Way

The old way of setting up grave sites for a funeral is a thing of the past.

1. The Old Way of setting up grave sites for a funeral is a thing of the past...

2. Dirty and soiled greens create tripping hazards and possible lawsuits.

The SG Burial Platform Way

A superior technology.

1. SG Burial Platforms are made of polyethylene, which provides an incredibly strong surface for your lowering device and secure footing for pallbearers and family members. Our platforms are lightweight for easy maneuverability to and from interment spaces. Our weatherproof lid keeps rain, water, and debris out of the vault.

2. Our tapered edging allows pallbearers to walk the casket up onto the platform with ease. It also allows families and friends to walk up and place a farewell flower on their loved one's casket without tripping hazards.

This is the SG Burial Platform in use at a cemetery.

Our innovative design provides improved safety and functionality for both pallbearers and loved ones.

Strong support
Light weight
Non-skid surface
Waterproof lid
Clean appearance


Maurice F. Leonardo