The award-winning technology contains one of the highest microbial concentrations on the market today. These products support sustainable farming in three important ways:

1. It must be profitable: Supports producers by increasing their crop production and reducing their input costs.

  • Farming must remain profitable to ensure the future of agricultural production.
  • 2. It must be accessible and meet the producer's immediate needs:  Products were made with producers in mind.

    • These products are offered in a variety of crop specific formulations including forage (award winning) and the general ag formula (award winning), which supports the largest variety of crops. Additional crop specific formulas are currently under development.    
    • These products are cost effective and convenient to purchase. The costs are well within or below industry standards. The added benefit of fertilizer reduction further decreases the cost of inputs. Our reps are trained to offer product guidance and support.
    • Products are easy to apply. These products come in a liquid form for convenient application and may be used with other inputs (check with your supplier for additional information).

    3. It must support agriculture conservation: Products support environmental conservation in several ways:

    • Helps reduce soil erosion and increase the soil's water holding capacity. This means the soil holds on to more water and nutrients for plant development.     
    • Products reduce, or in some cases, eliminate fertilizer dependence.  This decreases the damaging runoff of nitrates into waterways and groundwater.          
    •  It's all natural, organically based, and contains no genetically modified organisms.

    In short, these products are beneficial to the producer, the plant and the environment.

    Plant Environment Grower

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